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This $3,000 door opens automatically when your dog needs to whiz

I have an older very good boy who, due to his age, sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night to let him outside so he can relieve himself. He’ll come to the side of the bed and whimper in my face until I groggily trudge downstairs and open the door. I then have to wait until he does his business, sometimes dawdling before he comes back in and I can go to bed. 

The myQ Pet Portal, introduced at CES 2021, is an innovative but expensive solution to that problem. This door, which starts at $2,999, has a smaller door that slides open and shut automatically when your pet wants to go in or out. 

(Image credit: Chamberlain)

The sliding, elevator-style door it triggered via a sensor on your dog’s collar; as your pup approaches the door, it will open and the automatically close; the company says that it should close quickly enough to not allow other animals to sneak in or out.  

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