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Samsung’s The Frame TV just got a killer feature other sets can’t beat

Samsung’s lifestyle TV lineup is headlined by The Frame, which for CES 2021 received significant upgrades in terms of design and functionality. Not only is The Frame now thinner, but it rotates, too. Yes, rotates. As in, you can view content in landscape and portrait orientations from this statement set.

Oddly, this isn’t Samsung’s first rotating TV. Last year it showed off The Sero, which looks like a standalone mirror for mobile content. Doubling as a smart art display, The Frame is more elegant than the social media-friendly Sero, so it’s interesting to see Samsung adopt the latter’s swiveling feature (which seemed a bit gimmicky in-person) for its 43-inch, top-shelf lifestyle model. 

That said, I can argue The Frame’s ability to disguise itself as a digital art display fits the criteria for a rotating TV, if such criteria exist. For comparison, Netgear’s popular Meural Canvas smart art frames offer a swiveling mount for viewing both vertical and horizontal works. 

(Image credit: Future)

When you’re not toying with the rotation feature or watching TV, The Frame displays different of your choosing. It benefits from Samsung’s Art Store, which holds over 1,400 carefully curated pieces. The company’s new curation technology can even recommend artwork using AI. 

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