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Samsung unveils Neo QLED and MicroLED TVs to take on OLED

Samsung has pulled the wraps off of its 2021 TV lineup, and while we expected new 8K and 4K models, Samsung has brought a range of enhancements to bear on its newest smart TVs.

From new display technologies like Micro-LED and Mini-LED to eco-conscious packaging and a super convenient update to the remote control, Samsung wowed us with the TVs that are slated for the coming months.

Samsung upgrades to Neo QLED

The first big change is what Samsung calls Neo QLED, the new version of QLED coming to  the 2021 8K QN900A and 4K QN90A flagship TVs. Neo QLED refines Samsung’s quantum-dot-enhanced displays with Quantum Matrix technology, which is Samsung’s catch-all term for mini-LED backlight and its related features.

(Image credit: Samsung)

With a proprietary mix of micron-scale LED backlights and a tiny diffuser layer applied to each diode, Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs will get brighter backlight, with more depth and gradations of luminance.

The smaller LEDs allow for more densely packed backlighting zones, with much more tightly controlled backlighting, allowing the TV to deliver deeper black levels and brighter highlights with less of the haloing seen on current LCD and QLED TVs. It should be a big step toward blurring the lines between QLED and OLED, and a noticeable improvement over last year’s QLED sets.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

The smaller LEDs also allow for a slimmer chassis design, so Neo QLED sets will have a thinner build with Samsung’s basically-bezelless Infinity Edge screens. 

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