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LG Display unveils transparent OLED TV that rises up from your bed at CES 2021

Watching TV in bed is already an everyday luxury, but this new concept from LG looks like it’ll make it even better while making your walls less cluttered.

The “55-inch Transparent OLED Smart Bed” is a concept from LG Display on show at this year’s all-digital CES 2021. It’s not a bed itself, but rather a unit that sits at the foot of your bed that has a transparent display that can slide in and out of its housing.

You can use the Smart Bed’s screen at multiple aspect ratios and sizes depending on how much you extend it from the base unit. For example, you can see the date and time or music playback options when the display is fully enclosed (thanks to a cutout in the unit), get a quick weather update by extending a small portion of the display or extend it completely when you’re watching a movie. 

(Image credit: LG)

The fact that the screen is 40% transparent means you can look through the display even as you’re watching. The Smart Bed has speakers built-in, too, so you won’t have to worry about snaking cables around your bed and spoiling the view.

It takes the display about 25 seconds to fully extend. You can watch a sped-up version of it in the GIF below.

LG Transparent OLED Smart Bed

(Image credit: LG)

Aside from looking really awesome, this kind of screen sounds useful if you’re trying to interact with people while watching TV or monitor something elsewhere in the room, such as your pets.

As interesting as this Smart Bed is, it isn’t a real product yet. We can only hope that LG Display eventually brings a similar device to market, even if it costs a fortune. That’s what happened to the rollable TV tech the company has shown at previous trade shows, which finally appeared in a consumer product last October as the LG Signature Series OLED R, albeit only in South Korea and for the astonishing sum of $87,000.

LG Transparent OLED Smart Bed

(Image credit: LG)

This isn’t the only application that LG has in mind for its new transparent displays. Its CES line-up also includes demonstrations of the screen in use on a subway car and in a restaurant setting to allow passengers and customers to enjoy the view of the outside world or the chefs preparing their food while browsing menus, maps and other relevant information.

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