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OnePlus Nord N10 5G vs. Nord N100: What’s the difference?

A pair of OnePlus phones — the OnePlus Nord N10 5G and OnePlus Nord N100 — land in the U.S. next week, and you can be forgiven if you’re having a hard time telling the two devices apart. After all, other than that 5G in the one phone’s name, there’s not much in that string of numbers and letters to tell you much about OnePlus’ latest budget phones.

Both the N10 and N100 are part of the OnePlus Nord line — a new group of phones launched by OnePlus last year with the OnePlus Nord as low-cost options for people who still want a few key high-end features. But the original Nord never reached the U.S., and these two phones will, giving us multiple Nords to consider.

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