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Best grills in 2021: Gas, charcoal, and pellet compared

The best grills make it fun to cook and make everything taste better, whether it’s charcoal, pellet, or gas. Grilling gives food an incomparable smoky flavor. Whether you want to sear a ribeye, smoke a brisket for hours, or even grill up some vegetables, the best grills will impart that flavor you can’t get on your indoor range. Even better: all the fumes and mess stays out of the house.

If you want to keep things simple, you probably want a gas grill, which is as easy to use as the range in your kitchen. You can easily cook up steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, or chops without much fuss. However, if you love to experiment with recipes, you can go to town with any type of grill. To find the best grills on the market, we’ve looked at grills that use propane, charcoal or wood pellets, even electric power. We also looked at ceramic kamado grills and compact portable designs for tailgates and camping trips. Whatever you want from a grill, you’ll find it in the list below.

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