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Best espresso machines 2021 | Tom’s Guide

The best espresso machines deliver one of life’s pleasures by the cupful. A good espresso machine can give you luxury on a budget, or serve as a showpiece for your kitchen. Beyond saving you a trip to the coffee shop, the best espresso machines should be reliable, easy to use and simple to maintain, and also look good on your countertop.

While sometimes a small, intense cup of coffee is just what you need to pick you up, other times you want to kick back with a foamy cappuccino or latte.  That’s why many of our best espresso machines feature a steaming wand or other mechanism for heating and frothing milk. Which machine is best for you will depend largely on whether you like to be hands-on, measuring and tamping coffee you’ve ground yourself and frothing milk or prefer to simply push a button.

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