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Best clothes dryers in 2021

The best clothes dryers will dry your wet laundry while leaving it soft, fluffy, and wrinkle free. You can depend upon them not to shrink your designer jeans or overheat your luxury sheets. The latest energy efficient models won’t hike up your gas or electric bill, but they also won’t take hours to dry a load. In addition, a good dryer won’t make such a racket that if your laundry room is on the main or bedroom floor, it will interfere with conversation or keep the kids from falling asleep.

Just as when you look for the best washing machines, choosing the best clothes dryer depends on your budget and various factors, such as the location and size of your laundry room, how many people are in your family and the types of laundry in your hamper. While every dryer will get the job done, when you step up in price you get extras like electronic controls, steam sanitizing, and wrinkle prevention. 

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