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Best air fryers in 2021

One of the best air fryers can be just the ticket for a healthy way to get that delicious fried crunch. In one of these nifty countertop appliances you can cook up chicken nuggets, wings, mozzarella sticks, onion rings and more while using barely any oil in the process. When you want the comfort that only crispy French fries or Nashville-style chicken, but really want to avoid all that bad-for-you fat, air fryers are perfect.

An air fryer is unlike a traditional deep fryer, where food is submerged in a hot tub of oil. Rather it’s like a souped-up convection oven with a fan to circulate hot air around the food to crisp it up as it bakes. Not only do you avoid adding excess fat to your diet, you don’t have to lug home gallons of oil, preheat it slowly,  and then worry about disposing of all that hot grease after you’ve finished cooking. If you think of all the oil you don’t have to buy, an air fryer just might pay for itself over time.

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