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Fable 4 trailer, release date, and Xbox Series X and PC info

It’s been a long time coming and is likely a long way off still, but Fable 4 is real and official. Microsoft took the covers off the fantasy RPG-adventure game at a July Xbox games event. It didn’t really show a great deal about Fable 4 other than a reasonably brief trailer. 

But that was enough to get a lot of people excited; Fable is a franchise that holds a special place in people’s hearts. The original developer Lionhead Studios is no more, having been shut down by Microsoft some years ago. But Fable 4’s development is in the hands of Playground Games, the developers behind the likes of Forza Horizon 4. That’s a reasonably promising bit of information, as Forza Horizon 4 had sprawling landscapes based on a condensed take on Britain, and Fable 4 has traditionally been an open-world game with a decidedly British tint. 

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