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Best prepaid phone plans in 2021

The best prepaid phone plans can help you keep your smartphone costs down by serving up a lower cell phone bill every month. Unlike the best unlimited data plans or tiered data plans from big-name wireless carriers, these plans often don’t cost much more than $40 a month. And even unlimited data isn’t out of reach these days if you turn to a prepaid carrier.

You do have to make some tradeoffs, even for the very best prepaid phone plans, and that usually means skipping out on some of the perks and benefits the Big Four carriers include with their high-priced plans. Forget about free subscriptions to streaming services or using your monthly data allotment when you travel overseas. At most, you’re likely to get some hotspot data (though a few discount carriers dangle a handful of extras). And you’re also subject to slower speeds if the network your prepaid carrier uses is clogged with traffic.

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