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The best streaming services in 2021

best streaming services at a glance

1. Netflix ($8.99 per month)
2. HBO Max ($14.99 per month)
3. Disney Plus ($6.99 per month)
4. Hulu ($5.99 per month)
5. Amazon Prime Video ($119 per year)
6. Sling TV ($30 per month)
7. Fubo TV ($64.99 per month)
8. Crackle (free)

The best streaming services are here to make it so you can cut the cord and still watch what you want in the new year. There’s enough competition in the land of streaming live TV and on-demand content (from the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video) that it feels like we’ve got no real excuse not to cut ties with cable TV — and one of the best streaming services just fixed one of its biggest flaws.

Our picks for the best streaming services have one important feature in common: breaking from the status quo of annual contracts. All of these streaming services, whether they offer exclusive original programming, live streaming TV or massive libraries of films and TV shows, are billed in month-to-month subscriptions (though some offer annual rate discounts), making them all viable cable alternatives that you can turn off and on as you wish.

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