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Best online fax services for 2021

Even at the dawn of 2021, nothing beats one of the best online fax services when you’ve got to send contracts, signed documents and other material back and forth. Whether you’re buying a house or signing a legal agreement, faxing is the only way to go, and online fax services save you from having to spring for a dedicated fax machine of your own.

If you only send an occasional fax, you can get away with one of the free tiers of the best online fax services. But if you need to receive documents as well as send them or if you have to send a steady stream of faxes as part of your weekly to-dos, you’re better off with turning to a paid service. Pick one with a pricing tier that best fits your faxing output — the best online fax services offer different prices depending on how many pages you send and receive.

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