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Best 43-inch TVs in 2021

The best 43-inch TVs deliver a great picture without taking up much room. A 43-incher can be a great fit for a bedroom or studio apartment where a 55- or 65-inch TV is simply too big. According to our guide What size TV should you buy?, a 43-inch TV is ideal for viewers seated 3.5 to 4 feet away from the screen. That size makes them the perfect second TV for a bedroom, or a dedicated TV for gaming.

With today’s best 43-inch TVs, you don’t have to give up many features when you scale down the size. Our picks feature 4K resolution for incredible sharpness and high-dynamic range (HDR) for great contrast. They also all come with smart features such as apps that let you stream movies and shows without the need for a separate streaming device. 

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