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Best dishwashers in 2021 | Tom’s Guide

The best dishwashers make cleaning up after a meal a lot easier. You load up the machine with dishes, select your cycle, and the appliance does the dirty work. After a spin in the best ones, everything from a peanut butter-smudged knife, to an egg-smeared plate to a cheese-encrusted casserole will come out spotless. As they clean, the latest dishwashers are so quiet that they won’t interfere with after-dinner conversation. Some even shine lights on the floor to let you know they’re running. 

We spent 50 hours researching the best dishwashers, looking at products ranging from the cheap to the expensive and for families large and small. Our rankings are based on research across top review sites, like, Consumer Reports, CNet, Good Housekeeping and others. We also referenced the top sellers and customer reviews on sites such as Best Buy and Home Depot. Looking at all of these sources, we chose these dishwashers on the basis of price, features, performance and other factors.

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