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Best 55-inch TVs of 2021

The best 55-inch TVs provide a great TV experience at a size that fits easily in most living rooms. Many people find that a 55-inch TV is a great fit for their circumstances without compromising their enjoyment of 4K resolution the way smaller screens might. We’ve spent more than 100 hours reviewing dozens of TV models in the past year, and most of the best TVs out there come in a variety of sizes. 

According to our ‘what size TV should you buy’ guide, a 55-inch TV is well-suited for rooms where people are seated 4.6 feet from the TV, making this an ideal screen size for apartments, dorms and smaller homes. A 55-inch TV will also fit nicely in many bedrooms. If a 55-inch TV sounds just right for you, there are plenty of options available to choose from.

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