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How to empty trash in Gmail

Gmail gives you a lot of free storage, but it’s still ultimately limited. If you hit the upper limit (a limit that is shared with Google Photos and Drive, remember) then email messages sent to you will start to bounce, and that’s a huge problem.

You might think that deleting emails will help, and it will — eventually. The trouble is that email messages and threads deleted in Gmail sit in virtual purgatory for 30 days in case you change your mind. If you need that extra space right now, here’s how to empty the trash in Gmail.

1. Head to Gmail 

As with all Gmail tutorials, this starts by visiting You then want to expand the panel on the left by pressing the text I’ve highlighted in the picture above that reads “More”. 

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

This expansion adds a few more bits you can navigate to. That includes Trash, so scroll down to that and click it. 

Step 2: How to empty trash in Gmail

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

3. Review your deleted emails 

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