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Can’t find PS5 stock? This retailer is fighting back against scalpers

Most PS5 retailers in the U.S. have taken a laissez-faire attitude toward scalpers and bots snatching up their stock. It’s a shame, yes, but as long as the consoles get sold, that’s the most important thing. Not so with Gamewoori, a South Korean game shop that has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for scalpers. If the company sees someone reselling one of its PS5s, it will cancel the preorder and sell it to a regular old customer instead.

This info comes from Kotaku, which learned about this process from one of its readers. Gamewoori posted on Instagram that its employees are on the hunt for any of its merchandise being resold for higher prices online. If an employee spots a scalper, he or she will cancel the pre-order — even if the scalper has already paid in full. (The scalper presumably gets a refund, which is a relatively merciful arrangement.)

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