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Best Black Friday camera deals 2020: Save on Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro and more

The best Black Friday camera deals feature photography discounts on almost all brands and types of camera. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your DLSR or mirrorless body, add a new lens to the family, or invest in a GoPro or any other type of action cam, there should be a deal that catches your eye. All the major camera brands have discounted stock, including the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro, and FujiFilm. 

Getting a Black Friday camera deal is the perfect way to start out in photography, even if it’s just a hobby to begin with. This Canon EOS Rebel T7 for $499 at Best Buy is a great place to start, and it comes with a good kit lens AND a 300mm zoom lens. Plus, when you’ve improved, you can check out next year’s camera discounts for things like lenses, bags, tripods, and other stuff you’ll need to get more serious. At the enthusiast and pro level of camera ownership… well, those lenses aren’t cheap, so any discount is welcome. And you may feel the need to upgrade to a new body, like one of the new Nikon Z II range.

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