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Samsung’s AirPods killers just leaked with a bean-like design

It looks like Samsung is going to make you eat your beans — or at the very least, stick them in your ears. According to a new report, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will look a lot like kidney beans, and will look a lot different, and fit more snugly in your ear, than the current Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Pro.

The report, from WinFuture, shows the legume-like buds from several angles, with what looks like a small microphone port on the outside, and audio ports and two metal contacts on the interior, the latter which we assume will either be used to charge the buds or to measure your heart rate. However, the new earbuds don’t appear to have any silicone tips or adapters, so it’s not clear how they’ll conform to different ear shapes.

(Image credit: WinFuture)

Looking at the 3D renderings and images, it appears that the Galaxy Buds 2 — if that’s what they’re called — will fit almost flush inside one’s ear; while definitely a low profile, we’re curious to see how easy they’ll be to insert and remove. The lack of any silicone seal also leaves us to wonder how good these earbuds will be at blocking ambient sounds. 

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