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The best strollers of 2020

Whether it’s your first baby or your last, buying a stroller can be a seriously daunting task. There are so many brands out there to choose from and so many styles and types. The sole purpose of a stroller is to get from point A to point B with relative ease and safety. For many parents, what’s in between those points will help determine which stroller they choose. 

After researching review sites, retailers and more, we think the best stroller for most people is the Baby Jogger City Mini 2. It’s neither the least nor the most expensive, but it’s a reliable, all-around full-size stroller for parents who need to run a few errands on foot or who like to take their daily walk with baby in tow. We loved it because it’s the lightest of the full-size strollers included here. Its one-handed folding mechanism is convenient when you’re juggling your baby and a million other duties. We also like it because it’s compatible with several third-party car seats. The stroller and car seat combination are two essential purchases for your child. You shouldn’t have to compromise because of a proprietary fit that makes the two incompatible. 

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