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The 11 Best True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Now

Nowadays, it seems that every true crime gets its own dedicated podcast. Five years ago, Serial appeared and inspired countless narrative podcasts. Now, the true-crime genre is expanding, and dozens of shows are trying to become the next My Favorite Murder by blending comedy, crime, chatter and chardonnay. 

The most compelling true-crime podcasts tell stories with intelligence, empathy and momentum, making you want to hear more. Here are 10 of the best that you can download or stream today.

Serial sparked the true-crime podcast boom (Image credit: Elizabeth Malby/Baltimore Sun/TNS/Getty)

Radio journalist Sarah Koenig set a standard — for better (mostly) and worse (sometimes) — by creating an evocative narrative about an unsolved murder that unfolds over multiple episodes. The host herself is a vital character — curious, persistent, open about what she’s thinking. The first season of Serial was followed by two more, the most recent in 2018. 

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