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Move Over Alexa, Google Assistant on Sonos Is Worth the Wait

LAS VEGAS – Sonos didn’t release anything new at CES 2019, but it did announce something special: Google Assistant is finally on its way to selected speakers in its range, in the form of a (currently private) beta.

Sonos is no stranger to voice assistants. The Sonos One and Sonos Beam both have Alexa control but it’s always been mooted that they will get Google Assistant, too. 

The problem is, this has been a long time coming. “The complexity of the integration has meant that it has taken this long,” a spokesperson at Sonos told us. “But now it’s available through private beta to a few thousand people.”

It’s unknown how long it will be before the private beta shifts into public (here’s hoping weeks rather than months) but it’s certainly worth the wait. And what a wait it has been. Sonos had initially promised a 2018 launch for its Google Assistant integration.

But a blog post in November put the dampeners on this, explaining that “the reality is that we need a bit more time to get the experience right and will now look to lock down a date in 2019.”

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