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Bose’s Awesome AR Glasses Are Finally Up for Pre-Order

Often times, when I see a truly amazing product at a tech convention, I worry if it will ever come to life, or if it’s just vaporware.

Bose gets to chalk one up in the Win column today, as its team of audio experts is now taking pre-orders for Bose Frames, a pair of augmented reality-enhanced shades I saw last March at SXSW, starting at $199 at (shipping in January).

(Image credit: The Rondo style Bose Frames in action. Credit: Bose)

To get you caught up, these frames look to replace headphones by taking the audio out of your ears and placing them within close proximity. Specifically, they use variable-length dipole technology to create a small, personal bubble of sound that is just for you to hear. While I had to cup my hands around my ears to hear their sound on the very-busy streets of Austin, TX, I could hear some decent sound quality during my time with the specs.

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