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Here’s the One iPhone XS Feature That Justifies an Upgrade

It’s hard to sell people on a new iPhone every year. The fact is, most people don’t buy a new iPhone every year, but the tech journalists who write about any new product will invariably compare it with the previous-generation model, when the truth is that most people who buy an iPhone XS will be upgrading from the iPhone 6, 6S or 7, not last year’s iPhone 8 and X.

Sometimes the leaps forward are easy to see: With Face ID and its full-screen design, last year’s iPhone X was one such leap. But this year’s models — the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are available now while the iPhone XR follows next month — are a bit more iterative. So Apple has to focus in on a few specific improvements to continue maintaining the important perception that the entire platform is moving forward in exciting ways.

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