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Kodak Super 8 Camera: Price, Release Date and Where to Buy

Between USB turntables and instant cameras, retro tech is cool again, which is why Kodak is bringing back a Super 8 camera this year.

Introduced four years before men walked on the moon for the first time, this film format, which captured backyard barbecues throughout the ’70s — but died out when VHS arrived — is remembered for its nostalgically grainy look. Here’s what you need to know about the film format, as well as Kodak’s new camera.

What is Super 8?

Super 8 is a type of film, originally released in 1965, by Kodak. The film strip itself is 8 millimeters wide, but it gets the “Super” designation because the actual recording area is larger than standard 8mm film. Super 8 also has a metal oxide strip that records audio.  

The film comes in a sealed cartridge, making it very easy for amateurs to load it into the camera, which is one reason it was very popular with consumers throughout the ’70s. If you’ve ever seen the opening to The Wonder Years, you’ll get a sense of what it looks like.

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