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Canon Lens List 2018: Full-Frame and APS-C (Crop Factor) Lenses


Canon’s DSLRs come in a huge range of prices, from the $400 EOS Rebel T5 to the $6,000 EOS-1D X Mark II. One of the factors that determines price is the size of the sensor. Canon’s top cameras use a sensor about the size of a 35mm film frame in old cameras. However, most of Canon’s DSLRs use a smaller sensor, with the jargony name Canon APS-C. (It’s 38 percent the size of a full-frame sensor, but still huge compared to what your cellphone has.)

(Image credit: Junko Kimura/Getty)

The camera’s sensor size determines how images look. For any given lens, cameras with larger sensors capture wider-angle images; those with smaller sensors capture more zoom. Here’s how that works and what it means for the lenses you buy.

How sensor size determines zoom

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