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This Wearable Camera Does the Shooting For You

The trouble with stopping to take a photo or record a video that captures a memorable moment is that by the time you’ve whipped out your smartphone, fired up the camera app and started taking pictures, you’re not a part of that experience any more.

“We capture a lot of experiences, but it takes you out of the moment,” said Johan-Till Broer of Ubiquiti Labs, echoing the complaint of anyone who’s ever been tasked with camera duty at a birthday party or on a trip.

(Image credit: FrontRow (Credit: Ubiquiti Labs))

Ubiquiti Labs thinks it has the solution — a wearable camera that does all the picture taking and video recording for you while you go about your business. Wear the $399 Front Row camera around your neck, and it will capture images and video of all the things you’re experience with minimal effort on your part.

The circular FrontRow features a 2-inch touchscreen and is lightweight enough to wear on an included lanyard around your neck. A magnetic clip also lets you pin the camera to your clothing.

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