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bitplay Snap! HD Wide Angle Lens Review

Like many other iPhone lens makers, bitplay makes an iPhone lens system that comes in two parts: a case (available for the iPhone 6 or 7) and the add-on lenses that screw into this case. The Snap! case costs $49.99 and adds a grip and wrist strap to the phone so users can hold the device more firmly in one hand. The lenses screw into this case, fitting in front of the iPhone camera lens.

We tested the $99 HD wide-angle lens and the $34 Advanced circular iPhone polarizing filter, and found them to be serviceable accessories, though not without some caveats.

The $99 bitplay HD wide angle doubles the angle of view of the iPhone camera lens, so it covers 98 degrees, about 30 degree wider than the standard iPhone 7 Plus lens. It’s not a fish-eye lens, though; you don’t see objects to the side or close to the phone body.

The HD wide angle captured images with sharp detail and strong colors. However, look at details in our sample photos, and you’ll see that while they are sharp in the center of the frame, the images become rather blurry at the edge.

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